Wednesday, April 22, 2009

College Movies and Me

Two or three years ago I was an extra in a movie filmed here in Victoria called The Party Never Stops, (a Lifetime Network TV movie about College binge drinking). I had a beard at the time... well, I had a patchy beard, but I thought that was the epitome of a college student? For one of the big party scenes the director wanted ten of us guys to surround the main actor in this one shot, so he thought he would hand pick them out of the 12 of us there.

"You, you, you, you, (pause), you, you..."

The 'pause' was me, and no my beard was apparently not cool and nor did I look like a stereotypical college student.

Fast forward to last week when I was at yet another audition for a college movie, sans beard, and no creepy mustache like my profile pic shows. Same scenario, director picking the guys to be in either the fraternity Beta, or the 'other' frat party. I guess I'm still not looking like a college student? At least this time there were two other guys with me that also didn't get in the main group.

To be fair (to myself!) I wasn't planning on going to this audition. I was honestly just dropping my wife off at it when the casting director gave Leana AND me an audition sheet, so I was unprepared, and not dressed appropriately. That's my excuse.

Oh wait, and maybe it's also the fact that I am 28 now and I don't look like a college student... and that's probably a good thing for me.


  1. i don't know you so i'm going to make an assessment based on a couple of pictures on this page- you look like a really nice guy. you have a nice guy face. college frat guys are generally not nice- very arrogant and self absorbed. maybe next time if you walk around with one eye brow cocked when you talk...and your lips pursed. yeah i think so. tell him you can do keg stands. :o)

  2. haha that's really cool, Shaun!

    This makes me think of Dawson's Creek and how the actors who were playing 16 year olds were really in their 20s.

    Good luck!

  3. Your wife is in the film industry (or aspiring to be?) how fascinating! you two would be good dinner party fodder. I wish I had an interesting job.
    I also want to say I'm currently at uni, and while I'm not 28 myself, I'd say over 50% of my fellow students are NOT just out of highschool. so blame the beard. haha

  4. I am going to UVic next year so I guess I won't be seeing you around haha. No yeah my guess is it is probably a great thing you don't personify frat boy.