Saturday, April 4, 2009

Art of Change

So I spend a while yesterday re-working my colour scheme for the blog and ended up settling on the classic black and white style theme... at least for the background colour and text. Sure there are blue and red accents with the B&W, but a day after the change and I am already bored of the new look. I feel this way with my bass playing at times, I switch something up and initially like it... come the second day, hate it. Maybe that's the problem with art, it can change with your mood. Or maybe it changes your mood, and that's what is so great about art, it evokes so many feelings and emotions?

What should I do with my blog to spice it up or give it new life?


  1. You need a new banner.

    I'll try and make you one... If I'm bored.

  2. Your blog is fine... I too, spent a while changing the colours on my blog: after I posted an interview and realized it was not right... Then the next day, I thought the same as you and was bored and didn't like it. That HDR(high-dynamic range) photo you uploaded though is stunning. Why can't I take photos like that? Hahah.

  3. a background with naked women would always spice things up.

    i think because you have a picture collage behind your title you should keep whatever colour you pick solid. i really like dark reds or greens. i'm a big fan of wine and spinach.

  4. monika if you have the time I'd welcome a new banner! I've hated that one since I made it (in MS Paint!).

  5. God I hope this has been cross-posted, their are hundreds of creative people over on .ca who would die to design you a new banner Shaun. perhaps I will do that now!

  6. Thanks monika, vast improvement from my ol' crapper and I'm sick of looking at me anyways so.... definite improvement.

    Maybe I should use a cool black and white photo for the next banner... something completely unrelated haha?! Cross-post away Elizabeth!