Friday, May 1, 2009


Discovery channel has once again got me thinking.

Have you seen the show about the 'Superhumans' where there are people that can raise their own body temperature to above normal when they are in below freezing water? Or the solve insane mathematical equations in their heads, instantly? How about the blind man who was born without eyes and yet is a painter and paints with true perspective?
I liked the woman who 'tastes' sounds. She tastes 'bitter' when she hears a minor chord and others see colors with music.

All of these are incredible, but what freaked me out was hearing that one of my favorite movies, Gattaca, may not be that far off. This one doctor says that within the next ten years or so, humans will start being able to 'enhance' their pre-born children to have better genes, be more advanced in certain areas, or develop certain superhuman abilities...

Crazy. And fascinating.


  1. I see red when people don't use their blinkers while driving....does that count?

    In ten years I'm going to have my unborn fetus enhanced to be a kickass musician. specifically a bass player. lol.

  2. Gattaca was filmed in my home town (San Rafael)! It is such an interesting movie. The idea of having a classist system based on genetics is such a scary thought, but terribly fascinating.

  3. Gattaca was amazing! Studied it on my highschool final English exam. can vaguely remember something about the character in the wheel chair incinerating himself being a metaphore for society's disintergrating morality? haha...