Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Under New Management

Driving past a Subway restaurant this morning I saw a large banner over their sign announcing to the world that they were under new management. It made me think. Does that or should that mean anything to me? This is a Subway after all, the second largest fast food chain in the world. People go there because they know what to expect, and for the most part it is consistent throughout. Why do I care if it is under new management, and anyways, I deal with the restaurant's employees and they don't change do they? I'll go to one over another if I like the staff better, but if they are changing staff then I wouldn't go there anymore so...

Ok I do care, cause I've figured it out.

It's all about efficiency. That's what new management means right? Employees stay the same, but work with a more, or newer sense of direction... employees are better managed. Makes sense now. I'm reminded of a Subway I went to in Melbourne on this past T&S tour. Even with a small line, I was at the till and paid in under one minute flat, I swear. The moment I left I turned to my friend Johnny 5 and said,

"That was..."
"Incredible right?!" he interjected immediately.

New Management: a good thing even in fast food joints.


  1. new management can definitely be good. i know a certain little music venue that was having some..barriers. real challenges with financials, organization, communication...etc. about three years ago management shifted..and now this club is one of the top five in the country as stated by rolling stone magazine. hope you guys play there when you tour again.

    shift in management for subway..could be good. they better keep the "five dollar...five dollar...five dollar fooooottloooooooogs!"

  2. I think we could all appreciate faster food that wont clog your arteries with a barrel of fat.

  3. I am, of course, a HUGE fan of excellent management. And clarity.

  4. Was it on Swanston Street in our CBD? With a wrought iron seat with sunflowers out the front? Near the melbourne State Library? 2 doors up from a Nandos?(sorry too much information).
    Because my friend supervises that Subway and she would die to know you were so pleased with the service, haha. She hates her job.
    It'd be pretty much the only upside

  5. It was the one on that main road perpendicular to the train station?! Does that help haha? Might be your friends... just tell her it was that one anyways ok?!

  6. oh, I will. she's also extremely 'efficient' at stealing the chicken fillets and most of the condiments and bringing them home...delicious. haha.