Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Electronic: Books? Magazines? and Newspapers?

Will books ever become more popular in electronic form than paperback? What about magazines or newspapers?

While reading a magazine I was bombarded by numerous ads for their new E-Magazine about to start up. In the "Note from the Editor" he spoke about the not-so-distant paperless future of all magazines (his opinion). This spurred me on to Google my options for the future... and it lead me to Kindle.

Could I read a newspaper on a giant ipod? Or a book? How about a magazine? I actually like the idea for books and newspapers, but magazines are all about colour and eye catching design, where the Kindle is (16 shades of) black and white. On the plus side there is free wireless included, under 60 second complete book downloading, and just under $10 for a best seller or roughly $14 a month for say, the New York Times.

Will it simply take the new generation of computer savoy kids to accept reading from a screen in all mediums, or is there something else to it? I know Sara Quin will never use one and loves books the way they are. But talking with Chris Walla about it, he says he could totally get into it. I found this article while searching for a picture and maybe it explains the above...

With the capacity to carry more than a thousand electronic books, the new e-book reader from Amazon is perhaps the computer geek’s or environmentalist’s dream gadget. But is it the bookworm’s?

This is what I know for sure. I would much rather pack a "flattened ipod" in my suitcase than I would four or five large books. Not that it is all about packing a suitcase for me, but I am writing a book about it so...


  1. I think I agree with the concept of reading magazine articles online- magazines are so diverse from fishing to cars to music to gaming- I think newspapers have an immediacy that deserves to be in print, felt, and held.

    I would NEVER read a book online. It hurt my eyes reading your blog (no offense). I did print out the curious case of benjamin button- though now I would like all of Fitzgerald's short stories in book form.

    Look at what the internet has done to the art of letter writing- emails now- its so fast and convenient and creates a huge disconnect. I am definitely not excited about receiving emails- but letters? wonderful. the unique handwriting, attention to detail, investment. I have about a million letters waiting to send in my head- if only there were more time.

    Gosh, it is all about time now, isn't it?

  2. I read from a computer screen enough as it is.

    There's something more satisfying about turning the pages of a book.

  3. Print is a dying form of media. Why? Because the internet is more accessible. Taking to the creator of one of the worlds largest BMX websites, says the same thing and he had many reasons as to why it was dying. I am not in the mood to search, but they are all valid. The creator of largest biking site) says the same thing that print is a dying breed. Magazines are getting smaller and smaller, and moving more stuff online, and people are buying less and less of it in print form as all they need is online... Sucks as I enjoy a nice magazine or newspaper in print form, books I do not read. Just in English class...


  4. I will never change my books. No no and no. I just love the books the way they are. Is more satisfying for me to turn the page and smell it and touch it( not in that creepy way it sounds). For me a book is like a person who travels alot. And sometimes stay in my life for a long time. Bah I even can't explain myself.

  5. I'd be interested in checking one out in real life because apparently they don't hurt your eyes to read them and it looks very similar to print on paper... however, I'm kinda the same where I like the look of a book, the feel and yes even the smell. We are using more senses when we read a real book or magazine, but like I said, I'd like to see one in person.

  6. TAKEOFFS AND LANDINGS. TAKEOFFS AND LANDINGS. Never stow the book in the seatback in front of you.

  7. Books will NEVER die out for the simple reason: electricity is not guaranteed, it is not tangible. When your electricity source fails, or your file becomes corrupted, you essentially have no form.
    A book is accessible in all conditions till you physically destroy it (with your own two hands, not your bastard of a media device). You don't have to own anything but your eyes to read it. Books knows no financial predjudice like electronic media.

    They bloody better not die out because I'm a literature major, haha. I'm with Sara. And as for people who don't read as a choice, (not because they can't or don't have the education level): you are missing out. It's like standing out the front of a gallery and refusing to step inside and be transformed by all the beautiful art because it would require you to place one foot in front of the other.

  8. Chris, I know I know, and you are absolutely right, take offs and landings are like mandatory reading times in elementary school.