Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stupid Cheater 'Regifting Robin'

My mom forwarded me this ridiculous little game today called 'Regifting Robin'. Maybe you have seen it or something like it, but you are supposed to pick a 2 digit number and then subtract the two single digit numbers from that number. When you get your answer, you simply match the number up with the numbered 'prize boxes' and then she tells you what prize you would choose, or something along those lines. If you haven't done it before, please check it out here BEFORE you read on! The game will be on the left side of the page... just look for her picture or under the tab 'Guess the Regift'.

Regiftable Robin Game

So have you checked it out now? My mom was a little freaked out with it so she had to send it to my brother and to find out our thoughts. I'll admit, I was a little creeped out at first, but then really creeped out after the 5th time... so then I had to figure it out and make sure it wasn't just black magic haha.

I've got you now you little cheater.

After a few calculations I noticed that every single possible answer is a multiple of 9, so if you picked 11 as your initial number you would get to 9... and that's what you would find with all the numbers from 11-19. From 20-29 you will always get to 18... 30-39 is always 27... all the way to 81. Now if you look at the chart each time you notice that the prizes are always changing. Look at it closer and you will notice all the multiples of 9 are the same! They know what the answer is before you choose your first number! Stupid Robin, all you've got left is a clever advertising campaign for oh?!

I'm reminded of the time I went to a local fair and paid $2 for someone to guess my age and weight. Their guess was off by over two years and 20 pounds so I won an inflatable snake! I spent $2 and got a .30 cent price. Who really won now?

Stupid Robin.


  1. I actually spat out my drink a little reading that! haha.
    I remember being tricked by a similiar math game as a child. They always BLOW my mind however, because I am autistic at math.. I can just tell you were one of those annoying children who could complete rubix cubes without taking the stickers off. you were, weren't you!

  2. I may have been known to dabble in the cube of Rubix, it's true.