Monday, December 22, 2008

SNL vs. T&S

Although it aired a couple of months ago, I finally saw the episode of Saturday Night Live where Sarah Palin guest stared, and more importantly, there was a half spoof of Tegan and Sara. It came in a segment where they were talking about a great live music venue in NYC, and then showed posters of bands which had already played there... one of which was a Tegan and Sara poster, from their last album. It was funny to see it in context since we had origionally just heard that they re-did a T&S photo and threw it up going into commercial break. Maybe this could be one step closer to getting the girls on the show next year?

1 comment:

  1. SNL is sort of "branching" out their musical horizons, aren't they? tv on the radio, fleet foxes, etc. Besides, I would love to see those gals written in a skit with the character Penelope.

    "ummmm. I'm having a panic attack too. My panic attack is having a panic attack. It's called a panic-anic attack. So its worse than yours."

    I guess you get it if you know the character. :o)