Monday, December 29, 2008


Paparazzi are an interesting breed of people. Hours on hours they will spend outside of a restaurant or hotel just waiting for that somebody to leave. Hours on hours for that shot of a celebrity walking out of a store, and with a hope that they'll stop and pose? It's odd really.

I just witnessed a crowd of paparazzi waiting outside our hotel for Paris Hilton to leave, and then swarming Tegan and Sara in the meanwhile. One of the dudes ran ahead of us so he could get a few more shots of the girls walking. Tegan put her arm around me and announced that he wanted shots of me too, so he took a few, haha. Really is odd though. Interesting first day in Australia. Oh and Paris, with her sister and new 'tv show' best friend, showed up later at the resaurant we were at also. That's a little crazy in itself, of all the hotels and all the resaurants in Melbourne, she chose the two we were (already) at?!!

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  1. Paris Hilton is insane. Literally!

    You should post up a picture of your paparazzi moment!