Sunday, December 7, 2008

24hrs... and a lot more

Get up at 5:50am Thursday. Down waiting in my lobby by 6:15am. Ted (guitar player genius, Tegan and Sara) picks me up and we drive to catch the first ferry to Vancouver. Ferry food, actually good... if you order your eggs over-easy, otherwise they give you the not-so-fresh, came-out-of-a-carton powdered, scrambled eggs!

11am-2pm rehearsal in a Vancouver storage unit in Yaletown. Ben Sigston is the artist we are playing with.
Walk around downtown for 5 hours. Get to venue, the Railway Club, and set up our gear. Wait another couple of hours. play 30 seconds of the first song and "whammo!" Breaker blown, as in kaput, end of show. Lame-o.

1pm Friday, walk onto ferry back to Vicoria. 1:40pm, ferry starts to spin rapidly and sirens blare. "Crew to boats!" comes across the intercom. Man overboard. Smoke flare in the water, rescue boat ripping towards it. 2pm, rescue boat comes back with someone. 2:40pm, we dock back in Van. Man sent in ambulance to hospital. 4:30pm, finally docked in Victoria. Ferry traffic back into Vic.

5:30pm, load in time for my next gig...

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