Thursday, December 18, 2008

Moving West

Are you serious, Mats Sundin is going to play for the Vancouver Canucks? If you don't like or follow hockey, then no big deal, but in the world of sports, this is big. First of all, something like 5 million dollars for a one year contract... oh hold on, it's almost january... 5 million for HALF a year. I suppose that's not quite as good as a baseball contract but honestly, who'd want to play baseball if it weren't for big salarys?
Sorry, I was talking hockey. Anyways, Mats in a Vancouver jersey huh? Will he make a difference or will be a distraction to the Canucks? I'm excited to see what happens, and I'm happy he chose Vancouver over New York. I don't understand why he chose Vancouver over New York, but I am excited, and as long as he doesn't turn into Mark Messier, I'll be happy. Thoughts?

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