Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prey on Me?

Dear all the people who make television series available on dvd,

I like collecting tv series on Dvd. I'm in a band and we like to catch up on all the shows we've missed while on our bus. Episode after episode we can watch without commercial break and definitely without having to wait a week between them, but still, you do have to wait until that season comes out on DVD. This is where I have a problem with a few of your shows...

I have patience. And this has nothing to do with waiting for these seasons to come out, but all to do with your changing of packaging and design. Why do you change your design scheme half way through a series?! If you start something, finish it, please!

Smallville for instance has really annoyed me. Seasons 1-4, same. Season 4, smaller box AND Smaller logo?! Then it changes again! Smaller packaging is fine, less material means less waste and probably cheaper for you and us(?)... but why move the logo and make it smaller, it would still be fine in the same place with the same size? Entourage, you do this too, but to a lesser extent. Or do you remember how lame the first Matrix dvd looks compared to the next two?!

Are you picking on those with OCD? Do you figure you can make more money from us when we have to re-buy the series in a fancy new 'official box set' because we can't stand to look at the mismatched set we have? I was on a movie set again last night I was reminded of a common word in your industry; Continuity. Although it may not exactly translate, I think it's still relevant here.

Please keep your designs consistent, cause I don't want to have to buy the box set too! Oh and if Star Trek can do it, so can you, right?!

thanks for your time,



  1. The Lord of the Rings Extended Versions come in really excellent uniform packaging....and yes I am a nerd.

  2. haha, I know that's true cause I have them too! When you see well thought out sets like that you start to question who was in charge of the other ones?! Oh and I made a mistake, Smallville changes only once I think, Entourage isn't too bad as they do kinda stick with the theme but it's Alias that's really bad; Three changes. Haha, ok enough with that.

  3. i realize now that i don't own any box sets...except for south park. and they all go together fairly well. different colours for different seasons- different characters on the box. and we bought the Lost seasons 1-4 as a set so that was one box..and it looks good. never thought about the a non OCD person i just want the content!