Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Do you remember when No Fear clothing was a big deal? Do you remember when cool No Fear stickers were all over cool cars and cool trucks? I getting a sense that we have a modern day No Fear creeping up on us, and maybe not so creeping up either. TAP OUT is the new No Fear, just look around you. Picture anyone you can think of that may have worn a no fear shirt in high school, chances are they are now wearing Tap Out and have a decal on the back window of their vehicle. Cool high school kids? Tap Out.

No Fear was a trendy little slogan that spawned a whole bunch of things, much of which coincided with sports. Timing was key for them as I feel this was in the early stages of the world's acceptance to 'extreme sports' (Dirt biking, BMX, Surfing, Skating...).

Now fast forward 10 or so years to the newest, not to mention the most trendy of sports, mixed marshal arts and you'll see Tap Out right in there... along with No Fear energy drinks, of course. Other companies associated with MMA are definitely around and doing well also but I feel Tap Out is hitting up the general market. Scrawners like myself are the ones wearing these shirts to look tougher or at least 'knowledgeable' in the 'arts'. Actual MMA athletes tend to stick to companies like Affliction or Warrior. OK, this isn't totally true, but it does seems this way.

I could go on for quite a while, but I'll just leave it at that, as this should be enough to get you thinking. Oh and don't get me wrong, I have nothing against extreme sports, or fast growing companies even, I'm just pointing out my what I see. Agree? Disagree? Any other companies unafraid to take the torch?

... and don't worry, I'll tackle energy drinks (including No Fear's) next blog.

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  1. Nice to see BMX mentioned, as no body seems to know about it. Haha. But TapOut, oh god, you don't want to me to get started on it and the people who wear it. Just like Ed Hardy clothing too. Not all are bad, but 90% of the people are bad. Just cause they wear it, they think they are the toughest person to walk the face of this earth. Well, it seems this way all around Surrey. I want it to stop! TapOut shoes too? God it's so horrible, and the clothes are so ugly. Energy drinks though... There is a subject I can go on and on about, and what tastes good, or what tastes bad. What works and what doesn't. I've tried most of them. I need to stop drinking them, but they can be so good! Since you mentioned BMX, check this out:
    and this one: