Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Why is it that the television series I tend to watch, all get canceled? A cliff hanger, season ending episode, is not how I want to end a series! Why wouldn't the network at least sign on for one more episode to finish it (pseudo) properly? Maybe if they did 'finish' the series with an episode or two, it would do better in DVD sales, since no one wants to start a series knowing that it gets canceled half way through?

I just finished watching the the fourth and final season of The 4400. I thought they knew they weren't doing another season before they were finished the filming the fourth. Apparently not.

I was really in to The Black Donnelly's when it came out. My wife and I would actually make plans to stay home and watch it on those nights. Then one night, it just wasn't on... "this weeks episode, online only!"... (if you were in the US). Canceled. Saw the "complete series" on DVD with 5 unaired episodes. Canceled half way through the first season, you'd think that they knew at least to finish it off?! Nope.

Carnivale. This one really hurt. I have never been more into a show than Carnivale, and it ruined me, with only two seasons, and the biggest turn of events, on the final episode. I ran into the niece of the head writer of the show while on a wine tour... seriously, haha, and she told me that they were scheduled to shoot 5 seasons, but HBO pulled the plug after being unable to negotiate a proper budget to continue filming for season three. "He could have written an ending for the second season, but they were all under the assumption they were doing a third."

HBO's Rome at least had an ending to it's second season. I didn't like how it ended, but nonetheless, it had one. Why can't they do that for all canceled shows; like it or not, at least it's something?

What other television series have ended abruptly and driven you mad?


  1. I really liked that TV Series called "Journeyman". It was about a guy who can jump back and forth in time helping people change their fates. Only lasted one season.

  2. Eh, this happened to me before and I was mad at Fox for doing so. I don't know what it was called, I think Driver or something like that. But basically, it was a show about a bunch of people driving across America in a race but they had to get there in a certain time, and do certain stuff or face something bad. Ended half way through the season, and I was soooo into it. Fuck fox for canceling it!

  3. It is so funny that you mention Carnivale because I was watching the first season a few months ago, and then I heard about the whole second season ending thing so I stopped watching. I didn't want to get too attached only to be left hanging. But I was devastated when CBS canceled Joan of Arcadia and when NBC canceled Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (which was replaced by the Black Donnellys).

  4. I remember Journeyman, my mom was so into it too. I liked the episode I watched and I also just finished watching Rome so... (same actor).

  5. I honestly think that you should watch the 2nd season of Carnivale anyways, it just builds so much about from the 1st season which was actually a little slow (but incredibly intriguing). As for Studio 60, they tried temporarily replacing it with the Black Donnellys to see if it would do better, but it ended up doing about the same in viewers, (only averaging around 4 million) so the studio canned them both! Double bummer.

  6. Oooo, the only thing I despise more than a badly-ended series is a series not ended at all. I have such a long list of 'must-see' reccomendations, Carnivale being at the top, and this makes me sad. However you've convinced me to give it a go anyway. A good idea is a good idea, is a good idea (as they say).
    Love your blog by the way Shaun, been reading (along with a few other people I know) but just hadn't commented yet! keep it up.