Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tetris and the Art of the Pack

So a little while ago I decided to write a book about packing your suitcase. No, I'm serious. It's like a mix of a ''how-to-book'' with a coffee table book feel, littered with thoughts, comments, and picures from various musicians. Today I just finished the 3rd (of many) photo shoots for the book with the band An Horse.

I'm pretty excited about the book, actually, I'm really excited, especially since I am starting to pick up some momentum with it. Anyways, all this to say I'll keep you posted as to how it's coming. Oh and the reason for the surveys in the past (and the new survey up now) is all directly related to the book, so thanks for doing them.

Speaking of the new survey... Tetris... you know the old school video game, how do you feel about it?


  1. this about sums it up. LOL

  2. Tetris was the sh*t. I loved that game. I never owned it when I was growing up because my parents couldn't afford it but I would just go over to a friends house to play it ha ha. Packing a suitcase is just like Tetris. I think its fun.

  3. Tetris is fucking rad. No if's and or but's about it. I played that for days, all day. On my gameboy pocket. It was the best.

  4. Looking forward to your book.
    I'm currently on an 8 month backpacking trip around the states and Canada.
    I've gone for the side-on packing method but things still seem to get messy and end up mounting to the point where I can't close my suitcase.

  5. I think you should post a link to your mad skills as demonstrated on Trailer Talk for commenters like the above. or should we just wait for the book? It's all about the triple fold!