Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Doritos; Brilliant.

Have you seen the new marketing campaign for Doritos? The white bag with a huge money sign on it? They are offering anyone a chance to name this new flavor of chips... oh and if they choose your name, you'll win 25 thousand dollars and 1% future (Canadian) sales! That's amazing, but more importantly, what a brilliant way to market a new product! I don't even like Doritos, but I couldn't help but buy a pack. I just had to taste them and see if I could come up with a clever name?!

I also forgot that Doritos came up with the best superbowl ad this year too, and once again, it was also a contest. Smart. Competition brings out the best in people I suppose, and when you have the whole world of talent to draw from... I could be wrong, but it may also be easier to pay for good work here and there when you don't have to pay salary to a mediocre in-house ad man?

Side note: Sara and I have really gotten into the tv show Mad Men; So do you think that maybe my 'marketing senses' are becoming hightened because of this?


  1. Well, do those doritos taste any good? I, myself, am not into buying a product that is an unknown flavor!

  2. can you describe said "doritos" in a sentence. is this a canadian promotion or worldwide? i don't know that i could try it without having a heads up- what if it tastes like shit? like the popcorn jelly beans- my, they are the prettiest but they will cause convulsions.

  3. So I just cracked open the bag last night and they kinda taste like a cheesy-salsa combo?! Pretty good actually. Monterey Jack cheese and spices... "Kickin' Monterey"? haha or maybe not, anyways I see the contest just closed so...

    Oh and popcorn jelly beans?! I'm with you, holy crap those are bad.

  4. Doritos are having a similiar promotion here in Australia.. 'write a new jingle'. some of the submissions have been craptastic. Mystery flavour sounds way more fun though!

    worst jelly belly flavour? pina colada. hands down. *gag*

  5. monterey flavor huh? hmmm...

    i would call them the Monterey Pop Festival Doritos. One bite and you'll be seeing the doors of perception, man....smash and burn your guitar, man. peace and love

    thats all we need- is corporate Doritos to bring the world together in great tasting, hippie loving musical harmony...