Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hampster Burial Kits and 998 other business ideas

Seth Godin is brilliant, and a marketing guru. I was reading up on one of his blogs and I came across an old post of his that I hadn't seen before. He was commenting on a challenge posted by billionaire Mark Cuban to send him "a business plan that meets certain criteria and he'll consider funding it, right here, right now." Seth went on to say, "you realize that in fact there are tons of ways to create a viable business in just a few months. There's no shortage of ideas worth stealing."

The end of the blog there is a link to where Mr Godin has gathered a bunch of his 'superpowered' friends to compile a list of 999 ideas for possible businesses, free for the taking! "Ideas are a dime a dozen. The money is in the execution."

Fascinating, entertaining, brilliant and stupid... they are all there.

I enjoyed just browsing through the list, but ultimately it got me thinking, and that's the key for me. So if you are into business and want a challenge, or maybe you are looking for a business to start up, I highly recommend you check out these idea's, and/or Seth's blog. Want to kill some time? Let me know what ideas you guys like of the 999? Oh and some do exist already but...

Hampster Burial Kits and 998 other business ideas


  1. not a business idea but a product..i'd like a washing machine/dryer that you can preset the settings and not worry about switching over your clothes. the washer would be stacked on top of the dryer so when the clothes are done a hatch opens and drops the clothes in the dryer and it does the whole drying process without you having to switch your clothes over. i mean who has time to switch their clothes over? not me..i'm too busy getting action, washing my hair, drinking root beer and creating new burp tones, spying on the neighbors....etc. etc.

  2. I bookmarked that list a few days ago. I love reading his blogs.

    There are some great ideas on the list. In particular:

    # Designated driver service - Company will send someone to drive you and your car back home if intoxicated (haha that would be very beneficial for me).

    ... and the serious one:

    . Netflix, but for books. You pay a monthly fee for a subscription and get access to any book (new, old, "long tail"). Same logistics as Netflix. They've proven that the model works for DVDs, use the same model. Free shipping. A queue. Keep it as long as you need, etc.

    - I could see the latter being profitable, but the financial investment would be huge.

    Shaun, looking into marketing after you're done with music?

  3. ok, well I'm definitely interested in marketing and I would love to be part of it somehow, but I don' think I'll ever be done with music, haha! I also really liked the Netflix one. After think a little more about it I realized the main problem: shipping books is far more expensive than shipping cd's which are flat and light and can be mailed as a letter. Still?!