Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's Better?

Has anyone ever seen a study done or any research for that matter on what is the best option for drying your hands after washing them in a public restroom... including what is better for the environment?! Paper or Hot Air?

-Paper obviously uses more trees
-Hot Air takes electricity which means...

I normally try and research this before I pose the question but I haven't today so I'm interested to see what you think. Ok well I just found a study while I was searching for a picture, sorry, couldn't help it... but form your opinion first before you read this... STUDY and then let me know what you think.

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  1. I have to participate in a bloodbourne pathogens class every year for my job- and one thing that stuck out for me was the handwashing thing. wash your hands with soap and warm water for the amount of time it takes you to sing "happy birthday" (its a good way to teach kids and make it fun). It was brought out in our class that the air dryers are NOT effective in ridding of all the bacteria from your hands and that hand sanitizers get rid of ALL the bacteria- including the good type you need to protect your skin. the best way to dry your hands is to use paper towels as it does help rid of most of that yucky stuff you don't need AND you can use it to open doors and turn off faucets before leaving a public restroom. if there are absolutey no paper towels than use your pants! i know its gross but well..its better than walking around feeling nasty. now i will read your "STUDY" and see what it says. as far as the environment..screw it. just kidding!