Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just beCause?

"Suppose a cause that HASN'T affected your family"

I used to hear this and think what a great idea. Don't be so self centered by only thinking of your needs, but help out those around you who you aren't affiliated with. It's important to see the bigger picture as there are so many people out there who need our help. This I still agree with, BUT...

Tell me what's wrong with supporting a cause that has affected you or your family when you are that much more passionate about supporting it. Supporting a cause at random means you are randomly passionate about it. How much support and awareness will you raise with that kind of thinking?

If you have an ailing family member and you are motivated to raise a ton of support for them and others like them, why isn't it as good as supporting something else? How often do people raise money for a cause and actually see it cured? Have we completely eradicated cancer? AIDS? How can it be considered selfish if we know that our hard work won't cure each other (although we may like to), but hopefully others after we are gone?

just a thought

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  1. True that.

    I supported the cure for breast cancer (and all cancer) but I never knew anyone that had it. Until someone really close to me got diagnosed with cancer, then I realized how having others support you during the rough times is so important even if it isn't affecting them.