Sunday, November 8, 2009


Have you seen that ridiculously cute commercial for Dawn soap, where they are washing penguins and otters and a few other cute critters? The they say that one dollar of your purchase will go towards "helping to save wildlife". Amazing I thought. Really cute ad, help save the little animals, and get dishwashing soap for home. Simple. UNTIL i was about to purchase it and read the very elusive and evil word, CAN. Your purchase CAN help, but won't unless you go to our website and punch in the code of this container and fill out this and that and then maybe then, if you fill it out right, we will send one dollar to the wildlife. Who is actually going to go to their website and take the time to do all of that?! A SMALL FRACTION OF THE PEOPLE BUYING, that's for sure. I felt cheated, and therefore boycotted their product altogether. I still like the ad, but it kind of enrages me at the same time now. So cute! Stupid False Advertising! Awww, little ducky! Evil company!
If anyone wants to send me money like 10 bucks or so, I CAN give two dollars to someone who needs it, if you pass a skill testing question that may not actually have an answer. And I choose who "needs it". Am I too generous?

still worth watching


  1. that commercial is so touching, for reals. great piece of marketing. why would they need you exactly to go online in order to "donate" money? for non-profit status? yoplait just requires you to send in your pink tops of the yogurt package in order to donate money to breast cancer. ugh this disgusts me. time to write a letter!

  2. Hey Shaun,

    I just wanted to say that I love your little bits in On/In/At- especially they Australian stuff BECAUSE i'm in one of the polaroids that you took that got put into the book!

    It was at the Sydney show- the ones where fans smell good. Haha I went up and asked for a photo and you agreed and then you made us pose under the banner. I never knew that it would show up in a tegan and sara book! So thanks a whole lot- many friends were very excited.

    So thanks again! Have a great tour :)


  3. That's f*cked up.

    "O boi, I wud love 2 send u monets, HERP DERP!"

    I honestly do feel bad when I don't donate as much money as I could to needy organizations. But It's things like that that make me hesitent to do so.

    I think you might be too generous, maybe you should tone down your (please excuse the pun,) sainthood. (I feel like a total lame ass)

  4. You call yourself an animal lover? There are lots of people who will take the time to go the Dawn website to donate the $1.00. There are lots of animal lovers and wildlife lovers in the world. I have bought Dawn soap many times (it is all I buy) and each time I have gone to the website to donate. It takes no time at all. If you bothered to go on the website, you would see that a total of $300,000 + has been donated. Their goal is $500,000 by the end of 2010. It's a good thing that not everyone thinks like you!