Monday, June 29, 2009

Twilight in VANada

I was once again reminded of what it is like to drive across Canada in a van.

Although I did cheat a little, I skipped the first 100 hours of driving and flew out to Thunder Bay last week to meet up with my friends from Laura Smith. I was joining the tail end of the tour since their bass player had to join another tour with some guy who wrote that song in which the dude from Twilight sang for the Twilight soundtrack. Confusing? Anyways, I got to drive from Thunder Bay to Vancouver... oh ya and play three shows in between... in a minivan. Saskatoon to Vancouver in one day was a highlight, 18hrs or so?

I miss the ol' van across Canada days, they were a fun time in my life... BUT I don't want to go to back to it on a regular basis!

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